Sylvanian Royal Family Wedding Celebration Set

Wedding Celebration Set by Sylvanian Families

One of the hottest toys around at the moment, not only because of the Royal Wedding but because its Wedding season and every child’s dream to create their own wedding.

My child was very excited when we drove past Hamley’s one the way to Paddington station, because we caught a glimpse of the happy couple William & Catherine Balmoral (bride & groom) on top of a giant cake. The set comes complete with Louise & Amelia Periwinkle (bridesmaids), James Periwinkle (page boy) and Rev. Kelvin Waters (vicar). As we had no time to stop, i promised on our return we would order the set online.

Today it finally arrived.   Catherine is looking beautiful in her bridal gown, and William is  must be feeling a little nervous. However Reverend Kelvin Waters will ensure the ceremony runs smoothly. The Bridesmaids and page Boy are being on their best behaviour, and the sun is shining – perfect!.

You can also watch the happy couple get married in the quaint little chapel, not quite Westminster Abbey, but still a lovely setting. The coupple can then leave for their wedding party in an open top wedding car so all their well wishers can see the happy couple together.


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