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Top online gadget store Firebox say that the USB Microsope will be one of the top selling gadgets this christmas 2008. The USB Microscope is sure to be on the most wanted gadget list for your geeky hubby or gadget mad friend.

USB Microscope Video

Why not check out this execellent USB Microscope video to give you an even better idea of what it is like, after watching it you will be tempting to Purchase a USB Microsope

Basically you can put anything under the microscope, and it will magnify it from 20x to a massive 200x, some of the cool options are you can take pictures and video and put them on your PC to share your finding on facebook!!! So you can shame your work collegues when you find what really is growing on their keyboard on in the drawers!!! We can definitly recommend USB Microscope as a great xmas purchase gift idea.

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Other features include widescreen imaging, image capture option onboard LEDS,

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